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Max Hasselhoff interview for owner of russian community Mark Moskalyuk

12:50 06 июля 2019 годаBCNlog

Bytecoin is the first private decentralized cryptocurrency in the world with an open source code. The BCN team is anonymous, and their identities as Satoshi Nakamoto are incognito. My name is Mark Moskalyuk, I am the official Russian community manager Bytecoin

Today I have the honor to have an exclusive interview with Max Hasselhoff for the entire Bytecoin community.

A little biography:

Max was born at the end of 80s in Frankfurt, Germany. He studied engineering and telecom at university, and had internships in the US and UK. At the same time, he was coding on the side in С++ and scripting languages. After entering the Bytecoin team in 2016 as a technical support engineer, he rose through the ranks and now works as an integration engineer. Max is collecting vintage gaming consoles and loves English literature.

You have been working in the Bytecoin Team for 3 years already, from 2016. Tell us how the work is going? What is your job in the team? Describe your work environment? Do you work in an office or is everyone in different cities and you are united only by the Internet? How many people do you have in a team for 2019?

The work is going great! We work from different parts of the world and communicate online. Some of us have other jobs and businesses of our own, but Bytecoin has always been a top priority for us.

This kind of workflow may seem odd at first, but actually it has advantages. Working online does not present any difficulties for us - we can reach each other whenever we want and be anywhere in the world we want.

I assist our technical partners with the integration of our software, manage relationships with exchanges and write articles to spread the word about our project. Recently, I have taken great pleasure in being able to indulge some of my literary and philosophical leanings, in as much as they are related to the work at hand and to what’s happening now in this space.

As we know the official community manager Jenny Goldberg, I know that Jenny is constantly busy, what exactly is she doing in your team? please tell us. You did not think to expand the staff?

To be exact, Jenny is our Chief Marketing Officer - she is responsible for Bytecoin's community, media and partners. Her day consists of managing various aspects of Bytecoin's presence on the web, audience research, communication with partners and, of course, education - if you want to stay on top of the line, you have to look out for the most recent trends and practices. So however it may seem to the outside observer, that is a veritable full plate.

As for the second part of your question, the number of people on our team changes from time to time. Recently we have expanded our support team to accommodate the increasing amount of requests that we receive.

Everyone knows that you have problems with communication, sometimes waiting for an answer for a very long time, did you think how to solve this problem?

Basically, it depends on how you define communication. Recently we've launched a series of long-term partnerships with the major media resources, in order to spread the word about Bytecoin. Although the communication we share and spread may not be viewed by some community members, we believe that making regular media posts, such as interviews, press releases, and other materials expands the brand awareness.

Again, I would point to the work that Jenny has been doing, and the work that I have been doing recently. In my estimation we’ve been able to share some of the things that go on behind the scenes here, and, in doing so, provide the community with access to the intellectual battlefield from which our ideas emerge. We read everything, we research everything, we calculate everything. The ultimate goal is making something of use for the community, something the value of which will carry on into the future.

In regards to the delayed response time, yeah, now we have more people working on support. It is quite a science of its own - these people need some time to wrap their heads around the software and become so well-versed in it that they can then instruct others in how to use it.

Bytecoin has one weak side, this is Marketing, he is very weak. How will this problem be solved further?

Well, it depends on how you look at it. We have a thought-out marketing strategy and users don’t always see all of our efforts. Here’s an example: every release we have is accompanied by a marketing campaign. Without the marketing that we do, none of our users or integrators would be able to see it and update.  Additionally, some of the PR we do, such as press releases, are directed at new users, that’s why most of the community members don’t see them, as press releases only appear at the media sites.

While marketing work is quite hard to be measured compared to a technical work, here are some facts about our progress since the beginning of this year: we’ve forged 18 media partnerships and expanded our influence to 5 regions, including Brazilian, Vietnamese and Spanish-speaking markets. We’ve published 22 philosophical news digests and countless press-releases. We’re also constantly working on expanding our trading presence, though, such partnerships are not easy going, and some negotiations may last months and months.

However, we always rely on our community will and gladly accept any kind of proposals and suggestions..

Tell us in more detail about the Gateway technology. Recently on the reddit one of the users asked a question "How Gateway release gets more exchanges? Benefits of integrating with ethereum smart contracts?" and BCN_official answered: "Blockchain gateway has a major advantage: it allows Bytecoin can be traded on any exchange where ERC-20 tokens can be traded, no integration required." Tell me in more detail please, does this mean that we can add BCN to many new exchanges? And Max, our blockchain gateway would be implemented only with ethereum network or with other blockchains too?

We love that you pay attention to our Reddit page, it is a great place for informal communication with the community.

Yeah, you got it right, I guess - imagine you have a dedicated ETH token that is equal in price to BCN. You can potentially trade this token wherever an ETH token can be traded. It not only expands Bytecoin’s trading landscape, but also expands Bytecoin’s presence.

Regarding other blockchains, I cannot give any specific information, but we are looking at them as well of course.

Bytecoin now disabled for Poloniex and HitBTC customers in the USA. For them BCN it is delisted. Max, tell me what the BCN team thinks and will take in connection with recent events? These are the two most important exchanges, up to 95% of trade with BCN take place there. And one more observation, why exactly this happens with Bytecoin? For example, Monero and other anonymous cryptocurrencies remained intact for US citizens.

Well, that’s not completely true. Poloniex disabled Bytecoin trading and deposits for US citizens, we had nothing to do with it. We have long partnered with Poloniex and completely understand where they are coming from. This decision came not from them, but rather from the uncertainty  on the current legal landscape in the US.

Bytecoin is still available on Poloniex for the rest of the world, so we are quite optimistic. While the nature of these changes is still unclear, we're monitoring the financial regulations of every region, and we don’t deny the possibility of returning BCN back to American market.

Will work with "Untraceable Tokens" be resumed in the future? And why was she stopped?

I suppose that by Untraceable Tokens you mean the idea of turning Bytecoin into a platform for third-party tokens, akin to Ethereum. Yes, we don’t have any plans to develop it for the time being, but we haven’t abandoned that idea completely.

First of all, such a transformation would require a massive amount of development work. Like with every project in software development, a great deal of time and resources goes into polishing the product and making it work correctly, in addition to the initial building work.

Secondly, we feel like we have different priorities and opportunities that we want to seize at the moment.

How do you see Bytecoin in 3 years? What niche in the world of cryptocurrency will Bytecoin occupy?

Well, it is a tough question to answer - the world of cryptocurrency changes very fast. I think that people in the industry have a specific idea of how their product will look in three years, but don’t publicly disclose it, since no one wants to change their opinion on something in public.

Regarding Bytecoin, the core idea today is as relevant as it was on the first day - facilitating untraceable value exchange. The demand for privacy in this space is never satisfied, so I feel like we will stick with this core idea in the future.

In addition, we like to explore different avenues - you may have seen our thoughts on adding messaging functionality to Bytecoin, a feature you can expect in September 2019. We will continue to keep an eye out for similarly unconventional concepts that could possibly enhance our platform.

I believe that cryptocurrency is another evolution of the human race, human activity will increasingly integrate with the world of cryptocurrency. You know a lot and you write very interesting articles, tell us what you think about my thoughts?

I completely agree, blockchain will become further entwined in the fabric of our everyday life. We are now at a point where blockchain  technology can do a lot, but society is hesitant to take full advantage of it. This situation is natural, since blockchain technology is typically applied to conservative and rigid industries like finance, law and logistics. But businesses are always looking forward to optimizing things, so we will see an increase in interest in the technology in the next 10 years I think.

Should the world know the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the real creator of Bitcoin?

As interesting as it sounds, I think that there is some beauty in this mystery. This mystery is what motivated a lot of people to study technology and business and ultimately venture into the cryptocurrency domain.

I suppose the identity of Satoshi will be revealed some time in the future, and, maybe, we’ll all get some closure but until then I’m all for the mystery, it’s more exciting.


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