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Interview with founders of BCNEX

17:48 01 февраля 2019 годаBCNlog

Some days ago russian Bytecoin community interviewed the founders of an upcoming trading platform BCNEX:

1. Tell us how BCNEX is associated with Bytecoin?

Bcnex Exchange is part of Bytecoin ecosystem, founded by Bytecoin Foundation Vietnam in 2018.

As planned, we will launch Bytecoin Core, Bytecoin's Smart Contracts and Bytecoin Marketplace (an ecommerce website using BCN as a payment method) in 2019, 2020, and 2021, respectively.

Bytecoin Foundation Vietnam was founded with the aim of with the aim of promoting and improving the value of Bytecoin, by building a complete ecosystem for Bytecoin that bears a strong Vietnamese imprint.


2. BCNEX will be one of the largest trading platforms in Vietnam? Is the government involved in supporting this project?

Our goal is to become the largest trading platform in Vietnam, and this will be achieved once Bcnex is launched. We also aim to become one of the 25 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of volume and one of the fastest and highest liquidity exchanges in the world.

I have been actively advising to the Ministry of Justice to develop a legal framework for management and handling of cryptocurrencies and digital assets for the Government of Vietnam. I have also proposed a report to The Project 1255 of the Vietnamese Government on how to manage cryptocurrency exchanges and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) properly. In addition, I have written many articles on social networks and major newspapers that provide the government with more information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology which will possibly encourage them to adopt more open policies for digital assets and cryptocurrency trading in Vietnam.


3. Is BCNEX not only an exchange, but also a large infrastructure for the development of the digital economy?

Yes, Bcnex is not just a trading platform, we are an ecosystem. In 2016, the Prime Minister approved the “Supporting National Innovative Start-up Ecosystem to 2025” Project, or Project 844, through Decision 844/QD-TTg/2016. It focuses on supporting the national innovation start-up ecosystem through 2025 and developing a legal system and a national e-portal for start-ups by 2020. In addition, it will also provide funding support to 200 start-up enterprises. In Vietnam, Bcnex builds an ecosystem that goes inline with the Project 844, we support blockchain-based projects that we consider to have long-term value.


4. Do you or your people have contact with the developers of Bytecoin?

Yes, I officially sent an invitation to the founder of Bytecoin to attend the launch event of Bytecoin Foundation Vietnam and Bcnex trading platform back in Oct 2018. The Bytecoin development team responded that they could not attend because, like Satoshi Nakamoto - creator of Bitcoin, Bytecoin creators also chose to be anonymous and they would never reveal their information.

I am the founder of Bytecoin Foundation Vietnam, also honored to be one of the Bytecoin developers, who builds the ecosystem for Bytecoin that increases the value of BCN.


5. Will there be a separate Bytecoin to other cryptocurrency section on the BCNEX Exchange? for example BCN/USD, BCN/BTC, BCN/ETH, BCN/LTC, etc.

Yes, because Bytecoin currently lacks a framework for application development, and we are reorganizing the source code of Bytecoin to release Bytecoin core. After that, we will have a plan to launch our own Bytecoin Market and for trading USD / BCN BTC / BCN ETH / BCN LTC / BCN etc..


6. Where did the name (BCNEX) of the exchange come from?

As the founder of Bytecoin Foundation Vietnam, I have a passion on cryptonote technology as well as Bytecoin's philosophy of equality and freedom. Bcnex can be understood as Bytecoin Exchange, also stands for BlockChaiN EXchange.


7. Do you know what happened on the Binance Exchange? Why was Bytecoin cryptocurrency delisted? Perhaps Binance manipulated this situation? If you know, share your opinion as an expert, thank you.

It is a confusing move of Binance plus they did not provide much information on this. I myself think Binance manipulated Bytecoin from the beginning (many people in the cryptocurrency community possibly know this), as Binance listed Bytecoin and delisted it after a short time, along with a few other projects to influence the crypto community in a negative way.


8. Do you use Bytecoin?

Yes, I hold a large amount of Bytecoin because I understand its value in the future.


9. And one more question, do you think Bytecoin will reach $0.10 in 2019?

There will be a lot of things in 2019 that can help increase Bytecoin prices and attract more new investors. The launch of Bcnex.net trading platform to increase the liquidity for Bytecoin plays an important role in this case. I don't often talk about the value of coins like Bytecoin. For me 1 Bytecoin is always 1 Bytecoin. It’s reasonable to say that when the liquidity of a coin goes up, the price of that coin will go up accordingly.


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